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What we do


Our proactive inventory management strategy allows us to manage your supply chain swiftly, ensuring day-to-day challenges do not hinder growth.

Key features of our services:

  • Automated Order Importation: All your orders from various sales channels can be automatically imported using our pre-established integrations.

  • Real-time Inventory Tracking: Monitor inventory levels in real time to help plan when to reorder products.

  • Package Tracking: Your customers stay updated with tracking information sent directly, once packages are prepared for shipping.

  • Personalized Marketing Assets: Enrich your orders with customized marketing information, coupons, or inserts.

  • Integration via API or EDI: We offer a seamless integration with your shopping carts using API or EDI technology.

  • Stand-alone Platform: Our stand-alone platform can be integrated through an EDI or via FTP file transfers.

  • Easy File Transfer: For those who aren't technically inclined, we accept FTP file transfers or CSV files.

  • Cost-efficient Shipping: We search and compare shipping prices to offer you the best deal, saving you money on every package dispatched.

  • Complete Order Management: Simply send us your product and mailing lists, and we will manage the rest.

We acknowledge that scaling your business can be a daunting task. Our aim is to ensure that you never go back on a customer fulfillment promise due to lack of time or the need to tend to everyday business tasks. This is the reason behind the creation of Fulfillville - to take charge of the strenuous last step. We manage it efficiently, allowing you to concentrate on your primary area of expertise fully.

There is no wait time to “sign up”.
We can take your inventory immediately. 

Fulfillville Warehouse in Philadelphia

Pick & Pack

At Fulfillville, we provide tailor-made warehouse space to suit your business requirements. We have a dedicated professional team that guarantees the precision and quality of each order.

Fulfillville offers a transparent pricing structure— you are charged only for what you use, ensuring there are no concealed charges.

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