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Located conveniently near the I-95 Eastern corridor within the Port Richmond neighborhood of Philadelphia is Fulfillville. A proud, women-owned and operated establishment, it serves both local communities and regions along the east coast. With a professional team boasting a collective 30+ years of industry experience, Fulfillville is a trusted warehouse and fulfillment service provider.


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Nancy Law, CEO & Founder

Before Fulfillville

Nancy's diverse professional experience, which includes being a successful entrepreneur and senior executive, has equipped her with the skills needed to tackle the economic crisis affecting the world today. In the fall of 2001, she started her inaugural business with its operations centered on the tourism industry in New York and Washington DC. This was shortly before the 9/11 attacks, and as such, her knack for adapting to different situations or "pivoting" was put to the test.

The current economic downturn has had a significant impact on her husband's business, resulting in a substantial amount of his warehouse space being unused and warehouse employees laid off due to an inability to maintain their payroll.

In her pursuit of aiding individuals to attain positive transformations and personal satisfaction, she identified a chance to cater to the immediate fulfillment needs of the local society during this period of economic shift. This also offered a solution to preserve employment for long-standing employees and assume control of rental space that he would otherwise have had to abandon. "It was a simple choice," Law remarked.

"Our workforce had gained experience in packing and dispatching for large-scale retailers, so why not equip them to utilize these skills for smaller enterprises? It's unusual to retain local staff that have consistently worked for the same organization for over 16 years, and it's hard to consider the possibility of having to let them go, which consequently sparked the conception of Fulfillville."

How it came together 


Nancy's previous experience in the restaurant industry inspired her to open the center for food and beverage startups. Her business has the necessary expertise, background, and passion to manage the storage, selection, packing, and shipping of food products and other retail items, all while preserving product quality. Added certifications and refrigeration might have been requirements, but these could be managed suitably.

Over the years, Nancy has established numerous successful businesses, cementing her profound affection for her fellow entrepreneurs. She and her team are committed to providing equal attention and dedication to all clients, irrespective of their size. Unlike large warehouses, Fulfillville operates without the same criteria or minimum requirements, which enables room for startups and emerging makers to distribute their products. The team also offers guidance to these businesses as they embark on their e-commerce journey.

the Universe of Virtual Conferences

"As our world persistently continues the transformation to online meetings while also restricting large in-person gatherings, the demand for fulfillment services is anticipated to escalate," declared Nancy. "We successfully utilized this space not only for a meaningful purpose but also to look after the inventory and shipping needs of local businesses. This initiative undoubtedly allows them to relieve some stress and concentrate more effectively on augmenting their business efforts."

Each undertaking we engage in is uniquely tailored, with services ranging from standard pick and pack operations, to preparing swag bags for meetings, to delivering corporate client gifts, and even organizing specialty pallets. Despite the diversity in operations, the consistent thread among our services is that we craft custom solutions to help our clients deliver their products to their customers, right when they need to.

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