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B2C Pricing

Only pay for what you use. See our transparent pricing options. And we’ll be sure to tell you of any special discounts we’re offering.

For B2B, Cold Pack, or custom pricing please contact us for a personalized quote!

Set up 

Initial set up with Fulfillville is free. There will be a small integration fee per each shopping cart connection.

Storage and warehousing

Bin Storage: $7/Mo

Pallet Storage: $20/Mo

Pick and Pack 

$2.50 per initial item, $.50-.10 for each additional item.*


Billed per unit with best rate/method per your requirements. We can use your shipping account or ours!

Account management 

Free personal customer
service rep.

Inbound shipping and receiving Included based on volume.  There will be a small fee if any repacking is required.  

Box and packaging 

We can use your boxes or provide both plain or custom boxes and packaging. 

Customized labels, inserts and packaging 
Additional fee may be applied
per request.  


$2.50 per single item, $.50-.10 per each additional item.*

Additional customizations 

Such as gift cards, wrapping, inserts, and other marketing materials. Priced per request. 

*Some limitations may apply.  

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