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At Fulfillville we believe that experience, hard work and fluent technologies are the key pillars of staying ahead of the pace of business. We know that the 3PL industry is ever-changing. By changing with it, we make it simple and straightforward for you, always keeping our customer’s fulfillment needs first.

Our mission is to help you achieve your business goals. Our team consists of industry experts that have been servicing and satisfying both large retailers and small businesses for decades. Building relationships is what we do, and we want to make you smile and relax knowing your product is in the best hands possible.


Our focus is to maintain the same expectations for your business that you personally would. No business is "too big" or “too small.” Making sure that your customers are satisfied and that you can focus on the important aspects that make your business yours is our passion.

Nancy Head shot.jpg


Fulfillville Founder and Mayor.
Nancy's experience ranges from the executive level of global organizations to building and selling many successful endeavors as an entrepreneur. She is backing Fulfillville with a great deal of experience and expertise, as well as a deep understanding and respect for the entrepreneurial spirit. A mom to a few grown humans and a dog mom to our mascot, Ellie.


Nancy enjoys spending her time outside of Fulfillville at the dog park, the beach, and traveling with her hubby.


 Bee Brydges

Assistant to Owner/ Project Coordinator.
Bee is originally from South Jersey but has now joined us on this side of the bridge! She's has a background in procurement and order management. She will be able to bring fresh ideas and a unique outlook to our company while assisting with the day to day operations.


 Dorothy S.

Technical Operations Manager.

Dorothy is a history buff, in her leisure time does amateur photographer and considers herself to be a world traveler. She has visited over 20 different countries for business and pleasure purposes.


She has a background in information technology and business process engineering


 April Libman

Operations Manager.

April lives in Germantown and has over two decades of marketing, sales, customer service and management experience. A true "Philly girl," April has a passion for the arts, long walks on the Wissahickon with her dog Scout, and is an avid foodie.



Warehouse Lead/ Client Manager

Jerome has been working with us in shipping and receiving for 17 years. He prides himself on his error-free picking, packing, and receiving. Outside of Fulfillville, Jerome is a dad to 3 young boys, a girl, and a cat named Baby.

Sometimes his kids come to work with him to help dad out! Jerome enjoys playing basketball, video games, and spending time with his fiancé. Jerome is happy to help you through any of your shipping and receiving questions and will ensure the best possible handling of your product.

image0 (2).jpeg

Deanna Davis

Warehouse Worker

Deanna Davis has 10 + years in the warehouse/Operations/logistics field. She has a 9 year old daughter. Deanna is an outgoing person who loves to learn new things. Deanna loves working out and helping others in her free time.



Marketing Manager.

Erik is coming to us from Chicago. He enjoys anything Jazz and Vinyl records. Some of his favorite past times are eating smore's Pop Tarts, watching sports, and classic cartoons like Recess and Doug. He handles all of our Dropship, Landed, and First Cost orders. He also handles the day to day marketing on our various platforms. 

Leila Light.jpg

Lelia Moore

Business Relations

Leila lives in Filter Square and is a lover of dining and entertaining around Philadelphia. She also dotes on her pups Millie far too much. Leila’s focus at Fulfillville is to grow our business relationships. 



Business Development.

Bev is a long-time Philly girl. She brings decades of experience in Business Development . She keeps us all calm and smiling.  In addition, Bev loves to hike and is working on conquering her fear of heights.

heather fulfillville.jpeg


Client Services.

Heather is a 15 year veteran in our client services group.  She's a Philly native who enjoys spending time with her dog, Max, and her many nieces and nephews! She works magic on logistics for us and has a great sense of humor (which all of here truly appreciate). We're so glad to have her on our team!



Fulfillville Mascot.
Ellie has a passion for long walks in the park, chasing squirrels, and tug of war toys.


Ellie gives us the spark and energy we need to make sure your product gets recognized and moves quickly through our warehouse. Because we all know, shipping can be very "RUFF."

Katniss 1.jpg


Fulfillville Mascot.

Katniss is our shy girl. We're starting to think she likes to go unnoticed in order to maintain her stealth-ness. She'll drop down from the cabinets, shelving and our office refrigerator just to say hello. You can tell where she's been from the trail of paw prints left behind.



Fulfillville Mascot.

Venus rules the roost. She is the momma of the group and it's clear by the way she carries herself. She has a distinct V on her back and a little belly pouch to be able to easily identify her. You'll most likely find her patrolling our office space. Inspecting to make sure everyone is on their best behavior. 

Our Shipping, Warehousing, and Fulfillment team!

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