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Pick & Pack

At Fulfillville you will have custom warehouse space to fit your business needs and a team of professionals to ensure the quality and accuracy of each order.


With Fulfillville you’ll only pay for what you use,
with no hidden fees.

Ecommerce fulfillment

Have you been thinking about growing your eCommerce site because your brick and mortar store is not seeing the traffic it once did? Are you considering just getting out of your rental lease due to COVID restrictions and shut downs? Or have you  just outgrown your current workspace? Here at Fulfillville we want to help growing businesses by streamlining fulfillment procedures and ensuring customer satisfaction through fast shipping at the best price.

Our eCommerce solutions are focused on growing businesses looking to streamline operations. We will warehouse, pick, pack, and ship your products all while sending real-time reports, finding you the best shipping rates, and ensuring your product quality is maintained through the entire process. That creates time for you to keep focusing on your growing business, no matter if you're just starting up, or already on your fifth expansion.

Client Testimonials




While trying to navigate the new world of virtual conventions, our goal was for our attendees to get the same personal touch they would expect from an in-person convention. We decided to give a customary swag-bag as a thank you for attending; that’s why we chose Fulfillville. The team at Fulfillville took all of the guesswork out of creating a great experience for our attendees. We trusted them to help us choose the best packaging for both the look and price. They even used our company colors and logos in the packaging and handled our attendees list as it grew. They were professional, friendly, and flexible. Fulfillville took the guesswork out of this new experience and helped make our virtual convention a major success! 


Heather Howard, Director of Operations

OTW Virtual Conventions




As a shoe designer, our business is based around timely order fulfillment to retailers. When Covid-19 caused many of our large retailers to shut their doors, we were met with an large amount of cancelled order inventory that was season-specific. In our efforts to not overwhelm our current warehouse and staff we reached out to Fulfillville to help us navigate our returns, re-package, and reship our products. This granted us the opportunity to  focus on resale of our original product while maintaining our existing and incoming orders. We needed a short-term fix for a big problem  with a quick turn around. Fulfillville met us with answers, solutions, and fast fulfillment. We will work with Fulfillville again in the near future, especially as we pivot to the eCommerce world and shift from B2B to B2C sales.

David Bok, President


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